What is the red stain we get on properties?

On properties that suffer from red, brown or orange staining on either rendered, pebble dashed, Krend or slap dashing is due to iron ore pigment in the sand getting wet due to water ingress which then causes them to rust and bleed out through to the surface causing the staining. You will notice on walls that don’t get so much weather or under canopies etc the problem will be a lot less apparent.
I know this because we have carried out extensive test on a variety of sands and found any mined material such as building sand rock etc will nearly always contain iron fragments.

Painting over the stains is not really an alternative as the stain will bleed through and surfaces such as Krend coloured render etc recommend not to paint as the finish needs to breathe.

A before and after shot of a chemical clean we carry out on the exterior of properties.




This deep cleaning process is safe to use on all exterior finishes including Krend which is the maintenance free coloured render finish, Pebble dash and smooth render and will restore your property back to virtually its original state when the property was developed.
Although the stain sometimes re apears at a slower rate it will eventually dissapear, and is more cost effective than decorating which is not reccomended for some finishes such as Krend etc.
Prices average around £250 terraced, £300 semi detached and £325 for a detached property (As a guide dependant on size and access etc)